I have several packaged collections of my POV-style amateur porn and recordings I have made. I am offering them for sale.

I have created packages of my collection(s) of my Super Hot personal amateur POV-style porn.

If you have never experienced it, do you ever wonder what goes on in actual, real, escorting encounters? There are many real live escort sessions taking place and recorded live for you to see!! Sasha Starr's Sexy Sessions. REAL PRO ESCORT SERVICE... live uncut, unedited sexy stuff for you to see!

Each package contains several recordings of all kinds and 20-25 pics. The content features mostly me, and whichever sexual partner I’m playing with at the time. The pics and recordings are super hot and range from lingerie modeling to full-on naughty pleasures caught on camera to XXX-rated content. A full range of content to capture even the most mild-mannered viewer to full-on amateur POV style XXXrated Fulfillments!

Are you particular about what sort of things you choose to watch in porn? If you tell me what you like to see, I can even personalize a package for you for a small fee.

Collections and online services payable by Etransfer, or CC over the phone, cash in person when available, or I can send you an invoice requesting payment if you choose. On the invoice, there will be a link to pay online.

I am still new to this sort of offerings, so I am keeping the cost low until I get a better feel of the market and industry of this kind. Suggestions are welcome.


Yes, I have some samples, for those seriously interested in buying any of my live, unedited real amateur POV porn. Some are from escort sessions and some of my favorite sex partners I have had and caught on tape ;) and pics are included as well. I have several packages of 7-8 recordings and 20-25 xxx pics in each.

Some are modeling lingerie or naked & some naughty XXX shots, and some even naughtier XXX Action shots.

Text for pricing and availability. Special requests for personalized content creation.