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Dec 12, 2023

I will say I have known Sasha for years. Always positive! Always a good time. Yes at times waiting, but just like a great surprise, she never falls short. To those that haven't enjoyed time with her, you can be with the rest, or wait for the best..lovingly fuckin free. 

John houres
Apr 12, 2022

I’ve had a number of amazing sessions with her at a couple different Incall locations and her pictures are relatively accurate. I’d see her again but been hard to make it work as I’m always on a tight schedule

Dec, 31 2022

I just spent an enjoyable hour with her. https://vanislescorts.cc/escortsads/s1.html

It was suposed to be 45 min. but because she was late and missed a previous appointment she gave me a deal. very slim, nice shaped smaller breasts, no bbbj, but to quote her " I love sucking cock." Very freindly and accomodating. The pictures are in her place so it' is nice, a bit messy but I got her in the morning and I think she is more of an evening person. She let me take pics and offered me a camera to use and she'd give me the pics and video. I was not disappointed and felt I got my money's worth. She is 47 and not a "hardbody" 20yr. old but in nice shape.

Mike Hunt 02-22-2021

"I like doing overnights and getting to know a lady, and having lots of time to savour the experience. I find most ladies also respond well to a slow, sensuous approach - and boy did Sasha respond! She is a super energetic sexual woman who is eager to please and knows how to do it. Our evening started off with some cuddling and drinks. I am a red wine drinker but Sasha likes something a bit sweeter, so she had some Baileys. While we were sipping and chatting, she was already getting more into it, with some DFK between drinks. Pretty soon she is grabbing my crotch and wanting some cock. So I am sipping on my wine while she sucks my cock in between sips of Baileys. Doesn't get much better, thinks I! She does an excellent BBBJ. Sasha has a super tight body and soon I discovered a very tight pussy. She was very responsive and got very wet with some DATY. She is also very light, so having her on top pounding away at my cock was awesome. I don't have a very big cock so I appreciate having a smaller woman where I can get really deep inside and feel her pussy squeeze my dick. After a couple of hours of sucking and fucking, I unloaded inside her pussy.

I slept like a log after a pretty intense evening, then woke up - but Sasha wasn't there. She was already up making breakfast and coffee. So I am half awake when she comes in wearing a sexy nighty carrying a tray with some really tasty quiche and delicious coffee. What an awesome way to start the day! Sasha is an excellent cook, and did up the best breakfast in bed I have ever had. Feeling a bit more awake and energized, it was on to another round of sucking and fucking.

Gotta say that Sasha was awesome from start to finish, and a definite repeat for me!"

Drill_Sergeant 07-29-2019

Very Sexy Sasha Starr
I had an amazing visit last week with Sasha Starr. She's had a few not so great reviews in the past, but I've only ever had positive experiences with her. Last week though was one of my best experiences with an SP yet. She was on fire that night. Her enthusiasm made for quite a memorable experience. She is definitely not a clock watcher! She is slim, sexy and extremely sensual. This woman enjoys sex and you can feel it. Sasha always makes me feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed. She is so personable and down to earth, it's hard not to have a great time with her. I'd recommend her to anyone, and I'm definitely going back for future visits!

Islander1-1 07-30-2019

DS - always good to see she is on her game. She has been one of my few favorites for some time now. I wish ta hell I could see her more often.


K Man 07-30-2019

Yeah, I would have to agree.

She used to travel to Kelowna (that's where I would see her) and she was a little spitfire. Sexy, sensual and a really good lay. That was a while back and I have been meaning to get to the Island to re connect, but haven't been able to. Hope you boys enjoy her!

Mike Hunt 08-01-2019

Sasha did an awesome "morning wood" outcall to my hotel recently on a visit to Nanaimo. I asked her to let herself into the room quietly - I left the room key in an envelope sticking out from under the door. In my fantasy, I had fallen asleep watching porn and was dreaming about having some sexy woman slip under the covers to wake me up. Almost without me noticing, I felt a slender warm body snuggle up behind me. I could feel her sexy fishnet stockings as she draped one leg over top of me to grind her pussy into my butt. I then felt a warm hand reach around to start stroking my cock. The next thing I knew was the covers sliding down as Sasha moved around to start sucking my cock. Sasha is very pretty, and her pictures on LL are accurate. If anything, she is even skinnier - definitely for those who like spinner types. She does great DFK too. Her pussy is very tight and felt good wrapped around my very average size cock. I enjoyed her riding on top in various positions. She is so light, you can really focus on the sensation of being fucked. Overall we had a great session and I would definitely repeat. I also appreciated her willingness to play out my little fantasy.

Longtime Lurker 08-01-2019

I've always loved Sasha's looks. She's definitely on my short list of SPs to see.

mrmrmr 07-07-2019

I also was on the fence but after ordering some of her videos I bit the bullet and went to see her. I think there may have been a misunderstanding of our timing, so when I got there I ended up laying on the bed completely naked while she flittered about getting ready. If I was newer to the pooning scene it definitely would have sketched me out, but no biggie. After she was ready it was a really good session, she’s a smaller fit milf type with a great attitude and she talks a lot, but is a real **** pleaser. I recorded the whole thing on my phone and shared the file with her, so if you get to watch some of the videos you might see me perform. You will know the video, it’s where she keeps stopping the bj to compliment me on my ****, it gets a little comical and I have to remind her of the task at hand...

Petman3 06-28-2019

Have seen her a couple of times. Very enjoyable. Nice lady....great service.
Also read some of her earlier, not so nice, ads but decided to take a chance because I really liked her pics....certainly glad I did.

wizzer 06-27-2019

Just got back from a visit. There were some phone problems, but got resolved and totally worth it. Some said her body type isn't for them, but it is great for me. I like the slim sexy girls. She really works hard to figure you out and is so much fun. She's very genuine and there's no act, just a real person being themselves. Will definitely repeat.

wnet 04-27-2019

A couple of months ago I read some reviews of Sasha Star (aka Soccer Mon) that were "so-so". Decided to make a date with her anyway because her ads really appealed to me. I've seen her several times since then and will definitely repeat again - she has been absolutely terrific and fun to be with. She is slim, but sexy and very sensual. She is friendly, intelligent and goes the extra mile to please you while having a good time herself. And she is not a clock watcher. Sasha is not shy. She is very open to suggestions and will try very hard to go along with what you want. For me she has been a real find and I have left her very clean and tidy incall with a big grin on my face - every time. Treat her well and the lady will return the compliment. I have seen no evidence of drug use or drug related items in her incall - not that I'm an expert.

Relbo420 02-10-2019

She is a little too skinny for my preferences but most guys love that I believe. Great personality really easy to talk to, not a clock watcher. I almost didn't go see her at first because some of the reviews are calling her a druggy. That may have been the case at one time but I believe her when she says she is clean these days.

Gainz 01-31-2109

Sasha is no scam... frankly she is one of the most reliable imo.

Bridge 08-30-2018

I have to say that Nanaimo doesn't suck. I spent an extremely pleasurable time recently in the company of Sasha and Hannah. I left feeling a little weak at the knees, but with a huge grin on my face.

KMan 03-27-2018

I have seen her a couple of times when she travelled to Kelowna. Saw her last summer and she was super hot. Great bj, nice tight pussy and all around very good service.

She has some family challenges in her life and I hope she gets it together.

I would see her if I was in Nanaimo or hopefully if she gets back to Ktown!


Drill Sargent 05-11-2018

Hi all. I know this may not be a popular opinion here, but last week I had a great time with Sasha and Sadie. It was a fully interactive threesome. The sex was hot, these two ladies have great skills and are very sexy. They also seem to really enjoy playing with each other. Sasha is very personable, and I found she has a fantastic sense of humor. Sadie is very nice and really seems to enjoy her work. They both do actually. The whole experience was a blast. I'd repeat for sure.

Islander1-1 02-02-2018

Wow this one was/is a surprise special. Date was easy to set up, but I had to delay the date by about a week. Then on the day difficult to confirm. Seems her phone went incognito for those few hours... I am puzzled at the time why she is in a hotel. Turns out her father had passed away and she had to deal with this. So sad, and I am surprised she continued to see me. I also find out she has other family issues happening but she did not open up with this. It was so late in getting connected I almost bailed. If I had found someone else in this time I would have. Good thing I waited. I parked in the back lot of the hotel and she snuck me in the back door. Normally I go for big boobs. This time it was time to try something different and I am glad I did. Damn she was slim, not skinny or a rack of bones.. Nice 34Bs and great ass, Long slim legs and long brown hair. We got right to business. Back massage first, a body slide which I had never experienced before... wow, cool specially when she nibbles my ear. Flip and she massages my chest and on down. Next thing I know she is all over willy. Stroking, tasting and sucking. She asks.. What else? I say I would like to taste your pussy. She obliges by presenting it to me by sitting on my face. Nicely shave but with a well trimmed landing strip. Damn it is very tasty. She moves back to working orally on willy and then all of a sudden she moves to a 69 with out prompting. Oh hell this is great.. I try a my best at licking and sucking then with my finger explore a bit damn it seems really tight pussy. Oh boy that’s gonna be fun the next time... but not this time cuz I gonna cum.. Oh yes a great climax.... She questions no Cum. I said huh and look down.. Nope, none, its dry.. It was one hell of an orgasm but it was dry. It has been 6 months and before my operation so I don’t get it.. She asks About prostate. I don’t think so. Later I research and find it is most likely the flomax I am taking. We lay back and just chat about lots of things. Discover we have a lot in common. She is quite open minded and would be into 3somes MFF and MMF. Also interested in swinging. Damn I think I just found a new friend and a friend with benefits.