Escorts DO NOT sell sex. (While some people often confuse Escorts and Prostitutes the big difference is simple. Escorts sell their time, not sexual acts. What happens during the time spent with an Escort is up to two or more consenting adults who possess similar likes and interests. It’s that simple. When you are travelling, hiring an escort for the duration of your stay can give you a pleasurable experience. If you want to have a really good time with your escort, the first thing you should learn is to respect her. The fact that she will provide you with company and sex for money doesn’t mean that she is cheap and can be taken for granted.

BOOKING. All escorts and escort agencies take bookings predominantly by telephone, text or voice. If you are booking an incall to visit the escort you must be phoning from a mobile phone. The escort needs your mobile phone number to call you in the event that anything has changed. You will also need to phone the escort when you are outside the escort's address so she can let you in.

Please notify the escort at your earliest convenience if there is a change in plans for the booking. Her time is just as valuable as yours. A no-show might get you blacklisted. When you arrive at an escort's apartment, always have the cash in hand when you arrive. Obviously, wait until you are inside her apartment and the door is closed before handing her any money. Never arrive at an apartment with less money than what's been agreed. There is nothing more disrespectful than turning up at an appointment and trying to haggle. If you do this with an agency I guarantee they will blacklist you and send your number around to other escorts and escort agencies. She prefers you have cash in an envelope and leave it on the table in plain view. She should not have to ask for it.

BEHAVE. If you want your escort to entertain you, it is up to you to behave well and make her happy. She will be more comfortable opening up with you if you are nice to her and care about her. For example, try to know what she likes. Maybe she likes flowers or chocolates. All girls love gifts, and an escort does so too. You can do little things to make her happy, so she can make you happier. Treat a booking like a date and forget she's an escort. If you are going to have dinner with her, always make it a point to ask her what she would like to have. Again treat her with respect, and don’t assume that she will have anything you order. If you treat them well, they will treat you well right back. Don’t be drunk or intoxicated in any way, when she enters the room. Escorts don’t like drunk and unkempt clients, because they repel them. You want to be clean and smell good, so they are more comfortable. If you want to drink, ask her if she would like to have some too.

CANCELLING. There may be a situation where you have to cancel your appointment with your escort. When this happens, inform her of the cancellation with as much notice as possible. Escorts have their client meetings planned well in advance. If you cancel at the last minute, it means they don’t get your money, and they can’t find another client at such short notice. Cancelling appointments at short notice is not something an escort or escort agency will tollerate more than once. Now if there is nothing you can do about the cancellation and couldn’t call her earlier, explain the situation to her as calmly as possible so that she understands that you don’t mean for her to lose money.

PAYMENT. Please place the cash (preferably in large denominations) in a plain envelope. Upon arrival leave it in an obvious place where the escort can see it. Excuse yourself to the bathroom to freshin up and give her time to count it. Payments should always be made before anything happens.

SEX. When you meet her it is bad etiquette to jump to sex right away. She will see it as a very rude and unprofessional display and might not like it. She may not leave because of it, but she won’t enjoy giving you pleasure. Have some conversation. It may turn out that she is working part time as an escort, and otherwise works in an office just like you. She will probably have a lot to tell you and she will keep you in good company. Usually when she has a good time, she will ask you to get comfortable. This is the time when she is ready for sex. Your job is to be as gentle as possible before the act, so she actually enjoys you. Don’t forget to tip her for her good service, at the end of your meeting. It will just be the icing on the cake for her.

AFTER. Once your appointment with your escort is over and you have enjoyed it, it is good idea for you and her to post about it on the forums. Give the escort a positive review and she will get more clients. It will also make her happier that you liked her company. If her service was not as good as you expected it to be, don’t be too harsh in your comments. Use decent words to express your disappointment. There is a local Nanaimo section on a review board for the Pacific region of Canada. Pacific Escort Review Board. www.perb.cc